Saturday, 8 November 2008

Time anyone???

Anyone got some time for me to borrow??? Sooo much to do. Trying to get my primary research project for Lin's class done early so that I am not doing a last minute finish but not getting very far. I decided to have a couple of nights to myself to refresh my brain and start again fresh this week and today I spent my lunch hour at work doing some study rather than getting distracted at home and it seemed to work quite well. Still not enough hours in my day. Hopefully it will all settle down soon ........ once I stop worrying about it all!!!!!!!

Doing some reading on the Lord Laming inquiry (click for link) and at the same time the news was reporting the story of the 17 month old boy who was killed in Aug 2007 by his mothers partner, friend and mother who have now all been found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child. This carries a 14 year max sentence. This has happened in the same disctrict as that in which Victoria Climbie lived, Haringey. The child was visited over 60 times in 8 months and two days before he died was visited by a doctor who didn't notice that the child had a broken back. The mother apparantly smeared chocolate on the childs face to hide the bruises.

Lord Laming has been called in by the Childrens Minister Beverley Hughes, to write an independent report.

As discomforting that it is to read these reports, something that I may have 'skimmed' before due to the nature of the stories & the torment I feel for these children, I do understand that due to what I am trying to become I need to embrace the 'difficult' stuff. It is still very hard though especially as I would do anything to have the fortune to be someones mummy and there are those in the world that do not realise the jewels that they have in their lives.

Other links we were asked to look at.....just incase anyone needs them :o)

Tony Blair's 10 yr leadership timeline - and the printable version

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Thats my brain fried for today. Have fun.