Thursday, 14 May 2009

And like they said.....

....the year will go by so quick, and it has (well if you discount the fact it is actually only a 9 month year - good stuff being a student!!!). Not updated due to work, work, work and well, a bit more work but the end is in sight.

All coursework done quite chuffed at the marks I have managed to get, just hope they have not been inflated to keep us enthused for the future??. Just exams way to bring the mood down !!!!! Hopefully I won't go completely blank when I get to class but it is a possibility.

Nice evening out planned with the girlies to see Gervais Phinn next week which should be fun. It is nice to have met some new friends along the way......I like friends :o)

Also got a placement at a special education school, just spend a morning every couple of weeks due to impending exams and mountain of work I had to finish but I can increase it when I get spare time. I really enjoy it, has affirmed my idea that this is probably the area that would suit me, working with children with special requirements. I am also getting to grips with my sign language....teaching myself as there is just not enough time in my life at the mo for night school, but I am getting there and I learn the odd new word at my placement.

Life is good. Bring on the exams (is that convincing anyone???). Roll on year 2.