Tuesday, 7 July 2009

ooooo the excitement......?

Well only one more day and we will know if and how well we have survived our first exams!!!! Are we excited yet.....or just plain nervous?

I was determined I was gonna sock it.....but best laid plans and all.

For those that don't already know, my exam experience came and went in a flurry. Dog was almost put down on the Sat (but is now lying in her bed, doing suprisingly well!!!!). My grandad was taken into hospital on the Tuesday, expected to be home on the Thursday but he took a turn for a worse on the Sunday. The following Wednesday we received the news that he wouldn't be coming home and he passed away on the next Sunday. This happened to be the week before my first exam..............suddenly all that I had learnt was no longer. My head was empty. Not good.

Within the next 2 weeks, amidst our loss and sadness I helped my Dad sort the funeral, empty my grandads house (did you know the council only give you one week to vacate after a death.......bizarre.....!!), oh and did I mention re-revise and sit 3 exams........with a funeral smack bang in the middle of them. Teachers were understanding but I really wanted to get through them......or in other words I wanted to get them DONE!!!!!! Late night revision sessions (4am!!!!) and possibly my grandparents egging me on from above and they are done...........my grandad would not have been pleased if I had not sat them, believe me!!!!!! When they finished I hit the ground with a very BIG thud and what had happened finally hit me.

And here we are now. Nearly with the fruits of our year long endeavours in our hands. I would have normally hoped quite high but to be honest, I will be happy to have passed. Three of my grandparents were around when I decided to take this road and one of them saw me start it, I am very sad that they won't see me achieve my goal but I know all of them are watching me and pushing me on. I am happy to have it in my heart that they were proud of me for doing this.

The year has gone so fast and some have had their share of obstacles but hopefully we will all be back next year......would be sad to break up a good group of friends :o)

See you all on the 9th ladies.........