Tuesday, 6 October 2009

So asks Ihar....should we use jargon?? That's the Q (get it?)......

Right, so should we use jargon proffessionally? Just going through my blogger dashboard I have read CLAIRE's response and I must say I agree with how she has put it. That is - jargon vs terminology.
When used for the right audience and in the right context professional jargon or terminology in my opinion, is fully acceptable as the target audience should be fully aware, after one briefing, of what the terminology represents. Where the terminology is used as a representation of a complex heading this aids to avoid needless repetition which could detract from the point in question or simplify explanation. To avoid the terminology extending to jargon, the terminology needs to be stated in full at the outset to ensure the audience has an understanding of the further use of the proffessional jargon.
In essence, there is a time and a place. Do we mind Brian quoting ERA or EYFS? Did we object to Lin talking to us about ICT? No, because we should all know, after explanation, what these mean. Would I start quoting this terminology without explanation to one of my none school friends, no. Most of them wouldn't even pretend to know what I was talking about.......they would more than likely just tell me to stop talking in jargon.......or to shut up !!!!
Go check Claire's page out too.
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