Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hello yr 2

Am I ready?

Kid for observations - *CHECK* (a fab little 2 year old with nice parents and bundles of character!!!!)

ICT lit review papers - *CHECK* (hope I have understood what we need otherwise that will turn into and *UNCHECK* on Thurs!!!)

Brians connundrum.........that will be half a check. Sort of got ideas about diff points along the six degrees but don't know how to relate them completely. I think too much so am probably making it more complicated than it actually is so need to tone down the thinking, i think !!!!! Does the fact both links have an 'S' in them count as a link?? only joking Brian !!!!!

Pencil case stocked - *CHECK*

Folder read - *CHECK*

Bag sorted..........nooooooooooo!!!!! haven't got a new bag for school !!!!!!! everyone should have a new bag for school................especially me !!!!!!! (class mates will understand this one!!!!)

Have been practicing getting up at hasn't worked....lets just see what Tues brings :o)

The yr 1's seem to be enjoying their first week, lets hope they have as much fun and experience the learning curve like we all did....and still will in yr 2. Still waiting on my invoice for my fees which is slightly worrying - not because I want to spend all of that dosh, but because I hope they have enrolled me correctly.......Brian, Lin, Fiona - you do know I am coming next week don't you!!!!

Back on Tues (maybe) when it all kicks off again.

Happy Days x

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lin armstrong said...

you know I am looking forward to our walk (or in your case plough through every shrub and flower) in the proverbial woods this year. I am counting on your research being publishable so no pressure there! I loved last years adventure so what's stopping us this year?